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Rolex Day-Date Replica

Rolex Day-Date Replica Exclusive Timepieces has announced that their new masterpiece, One Hertz, which they have developed themselves, will be revealed at the largest watch fair in the world, Basel. Rolex Day-Date Replica One Hertz wristwatch is the only one with an independent deadbeat second mechanism.

Tim and Bart Rolex Day-Date Replica are small independent Dutch watchmakers who recently completed a construction on their new caliber G-02 with its unusual deadbeat second complication. The seconds hand runs at a speed equal to 1 hertz or one cycle per second. This feature is not new.Rolex Day Date Replica This feature was popular until the 1980s.

The Rolex Day-Date Replica brothers created a unique solution to the power problem. The Rolex Day-Date Replica brothers constructed two gear trains: one for the deadbeat seconds, and another to power hour and minute indicators. The mainspring is separate, which ensures the highest precision for the One Hertz seconds hand. It also provides the minimum friction to the mechanism.Roger Dubuis Replica The G-02 also includes a power indicator, a set indicator, and a variable inertia balance wheel.

Innovative power and set feature (also called push-to-set/push-to-wind" function) provides easy shift between winding a timepiece and time setting, by simply pressing, instead of unscrewing the crown.

The Rolex Day-Date Replica One Hertz is a simple, modern design. The watch is designed to showcase the unique mechanism that is meant for true haute horlogerie enthusiasts. The watch face is divided into two sub-dials. The smaller hours and minutes subdial is located at 2 o’clock. A large subdial for deadbeat second occupies the central portion of the dial. It also includes a power-reserve indicator and an indicator for setting-winding.